The Springnificent Seven – Beau’s Beaver•River I.P.Eh. 600 ml


BEAVER•RIVER marries the typical flavour profiles of the British and American interpretations of an India Pale Ale. Expect a bold yet balanced blend of hop bitterness, estery yeast character, and a blend of both citrus and earthy hop aromas.

The origins of the India Pale Ale are as exciting as the flavours themselves. During Britain’s occupation of India, British soldiers were guaranteed a ration of 6 pints of beer a day. However the beer would spoil on the long ship ride to India, so brewers were forced to make a few adaptations to give the beer a better chance of surviving the voyage. The essential oils of the hop plant is a natural preservative as is the alcohol. So to help the beer stay good longer, the beer was made with more hops (increasing the bitterness of the beer) and at a higher strength (which also helps keep the beer tasting balanced, as the extra malts needed to increase alcohol also adds sweetness). The resulting beer was very strong and flavourful.

Fast forward to the early days of craft brewing in North America. Innovative pioneers in the United States and Canada began brewing flavourful, high quality beer intended to provide an alternative to bland, corn-syrup laden mass produced beer that dominated the beer industry. Their experimentation led them to the traditional IPA style. They also began using hops that grew in North America, which tended to be more assertive in flavour and aroma. This led to what is now commonly referred to as an American-style IPA.

Citrusy & piney-earthy hoppiness complemented by bready maltiness, fruity esters and caramel flavours. 600 ml, 5.6% alc./vol.

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