Steam Whistle 2L Growler


Brewed at the Roundhouse, home of the steam locomotives that helped pioneer our nation, Steam Whistle brings you Canada’s Premium Pilsner. Celebrating an era of quality craftsmanship, we use just four natural ingredients: pure spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast. Let Steam Whistle be the reward at the end of your day. Cheers! The Good Beer Folks!

The Growler Tradition: Prior to the era of bottled beer, the best way to enjoy fresh beer at home was draught filled and carried out in a Growler. The Growler was originally a 2 quart galvanized pail with a lid. The term Growler is thought to have originated from the sound of escaping CO2 causing the lid to rattle or growl.

The use of glass growlers is estimated to have kept over 1 billion cans and bottles from going to landfill each year.



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