Flying Monkeys BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout 750 ml


If I had 2 million Ecuadorian Cocoa Nibs… I would brew you an Imperial Chocolate Stout. Brewing with BNL demanded a rare treat – organic Ecuadorian Cocoa Nibs – to create a rich, friendly Imperial Chocolate Stout as sweet and quirky as the band’s music. We lovingly aged this beer on a bed of lucious raw cocoa nibs creating a black velvety brew so fudge-y it makes you want to lick the inside of your glass.

Opaque as chocolate cake, this roasty brew pours topped with a whipped mocha froth. The creamy dark cocoa flavours gently warm with a steady 10% ABV. No bitterness to this stout, just a chocolate boldness that, like a happy memory or a perfect song, keeps on giving.

And like great music, this bottle is meant to be shared with special friends and family.

A Beer with Liner Notes? Oh yeah. Collaborations are jam sessions. Artists wander around new genres linked with different minds to create unique stuff. And, as BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout testifies, the stranger the allies, the funkier the results.

Art Collaboration: Kevin Hearn, BNL musician and artist, melded minds with Bruce Chalmers, Flying Monkeys’ graphic designer, to create the package.

Beer Collaborators: Flying Monkeys’ Brewers Peter, Paul, Spinney, and Seb shared a sweaty experience with members of BNL to create a phenomenal beer. Treble Clef Series: Beer 1. 750 ml, 10.0% alc./vol.

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