The Fourth Annual 12 Days of Taste-Mas


Twas the night before Taste-Mas and all the beer has been bought, not a beer is missing not even a stout.

It’s time for our Fourth Annual 12 Days of Taste-Mas. This year is a little different because we are going to end Taste-Mas 2016 on December 30th instead of Christmas Day. Starting later gives us a few more non-work days to drink our selections. We have a great selection of beer this year.

Here is the schedule for Taste-Mas 2016:

December 19: Muskoka Winterweiss 5% (LCBO# 442673)
December 20: Big Rig Midnight Kissed my Cow 5.6% (LCBO# 474072)
December 21: Amsterdam Maverick & Gose 5.9% (LCBO# 467142)
December 22: Nickel Brook Cuvee 7.7% (LCBO# 321679)
December 23: Muskoka Winterbeard 8% (LCBO# 222315)
December 24: Great Lakes Solstice Stout 11.9% (Only Available at Brewery)
December 25: Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale 7% (LCBO# 288803)
December 26: Left Field Magnus Force 7.7% (Only Available at Brewery)
December 27: Railway City Black Coal Stout 6% (LCBO# 413781)
December 28: Lake of Bays Winterhaven 8% (LCBO# 488064)
December 29: 5 Paddles Gingerbread Stout 6% (Only Available at Brewery)
December 30: Sawdust City Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus 9.5% (LCBO# 410779)

Enjoy and please comment as we post and you enjoy. Merry Taste-Mas!!

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