Beau’s Siduri White Pepper Saison 600 ml


This extra-strong saison beer has been spiced with white peppercorns and aged in red-grape icewine barrels. The pepper character is definitely present but doesn’t overwhelm this delicate creation; earthy undertones come out in the finish.


Beau’s LCBO Barrel Aged Beer Feature for spring 2014 is inspired by the art and mythology of ancient Mesopotamia. The “alewife” was a sage female divinity associated with fermentation. The characteristic spiciness of the saison beer style is amped up with a judicious addition of organic white peppercorns to the recipe.


The beer starts with bright white pepper aroma. The flavour profile is fruity, spicy and mildly peppery. The very dry finish exhibits some earthiness. The complexity is delicately enhanced with an aging in red-grape ice wine barrels. 600 ml, 10.2% alc./vol.





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