The Sixth Annual 12 Days of Taste-Mas


Welcome to the Sixth Annual 12 Days of Taste-Mas. There’s a few nice surprises with this year’s selections.

Like the last few years we are starting on the 19th and ending on the 30th. Starting later gives us a few more non-work days to drink our selections.

Here is the schedule for Taste-Mas 2017:

December 19 Innis & Gunn 15
December 20 Halcyon Gravity Well
December 21 Sleeman Sparkling Ale
December 22 Compass Shipwreck
December 23 Muddy York Krampus Dark Stout
December 24 Little Beasts Run Santa Run
December 25 Five Paddles Feliz Navidad
December 26 GLB Grandpa’s Ol’ White Eggnog Stout
December 27 Brock Street Chocolate Milk Stout
December 28 Big Rock Winter Spice Ale
December 29 Collective Arts Imperial Porter
December 30 Blood Brothers Brewing Dark ‘N’ Sour


Enjoy and please comment as we post and you enjoy. Merry Taste-Mas!!

  One thought on “The Sixth Annual 12 Days of Taste-Mas

  1. Russ
    December 22, 2018 at 10:18 pm

    For the record, the December 30th gap is filled. I picked us up some Blood Brothers Brewing Dark ‘n’ Sour Barrel Aged Cherry.

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