Beau’s Spruce Moose 600 ml


Beau’s Pro-Am series is a salute to homebrewers, true innovators of our craft: beers designed by amateur brewers, brewed at Beau’s. The Spruce Moose was brewed with Patrick Boisvenue, winner of the 2012 Members of Barleyment Beau’s Oktoberfest Homebrew Competition. No stranger to the Beau’s brewhouse, Patrick also collaborated with Beau’s to create the award-winning Burnt Rock Vanilla Porter.

20131030-220008.jpgThe Spruce Moose is a 6.2% American Pale Ale featuring an addition of more than 60 kilograms of hand-harvested spruce tips. This deep copper-coloured ale features a clean, light malt character complemented by zesty, piney hops.

20131030-220026.jpgA walk in the woods is subtly suggested in the aroma and flavour of this summer-suited ale. The Spruce Moose showcases a mellow maltiness and moderate hop bitterness, nuanced with additional aromas of citrus including grapefruit. Pro-Am Series No. 08. 600 ml, 6.2% alc./vol.


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