Beau’s Opa’s Gose 600 ml


An unfiltered wheat beer brewed with sea salt and coriander, Opa’s Gose is a revival of an ancient beer style that originated in and around the Saxon town of Leipzig.

The Gose style takes its name from a river that flows through the town of Goslar, in Lower Saxony. The saltiness, which typifies the style, is attributable to the mineral-rich aquifers that supplied the water for brewhouses in the region.

Opa’s Gose is a tart beer with mild citrusy notes and a unique salty character. The saltiness of the style is diffused and complemented by a coriander spice addition.

20131029-204053.jpgWe’ve included some extra sea salt to drop into your beer, so you can decide for yourself how much salt character you like in your Gose. It’s tasty, and lets face it, salt bombs are fun! Wild Oats Series No. 05. 600 ml, 5.0% alc./vol.



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