Five Golden Beau’s, Beer 4: Beau’s Mission Accomplished (American IPA) 600 ml


Mission Accomplished is an American IPA, brewed with a bold hop aroma and assertive bitterness. The combination of organic American and New Zealand hops give the beer sweet, juicy notes of tangerine, tropical fruit and pine. Bready malts provide some backbone but ultimately are no match for the smooth hop bitterness. The American yeast supplies mild, fruity esters that ease back and allow the hops to take their rightful place in the spotlight.


The India Pale Ale (IPA) style was first brewed in England. Pale, assertively hopped and strong, over time the style became malty and weaker in alcohol. Early American craft brewers reinvented the IPA using American hop varieties, which gave the style its bold signature citrus and pine aroma.


Aromas of tangerine and pine hit the nose first, and then are joined by a spicy and floral hop bouquet, mingled with tropical fruit. The taste is of sweet, juicy hops with flavours of citrus and pine, followed by a smooth bitterness that lingers on the tongue. Bready malts provide just enough balance to make this IPA thoroughly enjoyable sip after sip. 600 ml, 6.7% alc./vol.



  One thought on “Five Golden Beau’s, Beer 4: Beau’s Mission Accomplished (American IPA) 600 ml

  1. December 20, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    Paired it!! The Beau’s web site had the Mission Accomplished American IPA paired with a Monte Cristo Sandwich, so I made the sandwich. Not really sure I nailed the sandwich, but I’m pretty sure that Beau’s nailed the American IPA and with the sandwich tasted pretty awesome. I promised to save the wife a piece and I fear that I will eat all of it while I drink the IPA. “Snooze, you lose” comes to mind, but I’m sure I’ll lose that battle at some point. Pours nice, light amber colour, with hints of citrus and pine. When eaten with the Monte of Cristo everything is kicked up a notch and very lovely.

  2. Russ
    December 21, 2014 at 2:42 am

    This is quintessential IPA, as far as I’m concerned. Bitter hops, citrusy, piney, cloudy, amber, foamy, etc. I pick up on all the notes mentioned on the label, but IPAs just don’t do it for me. That bitter hop flavour just overpowers everything else for me. If you are a lover of IPAs, then I have no doubt that you will love this beer, but it’s not for me.

  3. Chuck
    December 22, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    Well. A little too late for the five golden beaus – and I agree with the good Doctor.

    The is a damn fine IPA. But the pine and hops overpower the rest of the goodness of the beer.

    Keep in mind I did not pair it with a Montecristo – but a pair of chocolate peanut butter balls. 🙂

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