The Third Annual 12 Days of Taste-Mas

File 2015-12-14, 11 58 39 AM Beginning on December 14th Wobbly Pop Culture will be kicking off this year’s 12 Days of Taste-Mas. Starting on Monday December 14th one beer will be posted for you to drink, then you can post your comments about the beer on the site.

Wobbly Pop Culture and Friends have put together a list for this year’s go round and it looks really delicious.

Here are the different beers and the dates we will use:

Dec. 14 Mill Street Vanilla Porter
Dec. 15 Old North Mocha Porter
Dec. 16 Beau’s 80 Shilling Ale
Dec. 17 Red Racer Gingerhead
Dec. 18 Forked River Imperial Stout
Dec. 19 Schneider Weisse Cuvee Barrique
Dec. 20 Wellington 30th Anniversary
Dec. 21 Norfolk Baked Apple Mead
Dec. 22 Nickel Brook Kentucky Bastard
Dec. 23 Flying Monkeys Acadian Groove
Dec. 24 Petrous #9 Winter Ale
Dec. 25 Muskoka Winter’s Beard

One beer a day for 12 days. Drink. Comment. Discuss. Merry Taste-Mas Everyone!!

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