Five Golden Beau’s, Beer 2: Beau’s Burnt Rock Vanilla Porter 600 ml


Burnt Rock is a classic Bristish-style porter, brewed with an addition of organic vanilla beans. Despite what the weighty aroma suggests, Burnt Rock has a good, clean finish, and sessionable drinkability.


Burnt Rock was brewed first in 2012, as part of our Pro-Am Series of beers designed by amateur brewers and brewed at Beau’s – cheers to its creator, Patrick Boisvenue! The 2013 edition of Burnt Rock Vanilla Porter won Gold at Montreal’s Mondial de la Bière.


With rich, luxuriant vanilla aromas reminiscent of fine pipe tobacco, selected dark malts offer up balancing chocolate and coffee nuances for this medium-bodied beer. Hops add a pleasantly dry finish. 600 ml, 5.6% alc./vol.


  One thought on “Five Golden Beau’s, Beer 2: Beau’s Burnt Rock Vanilla Porter 600 ml

  1. December 20, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    A thick, dark beer that is easy drinking, that’s a Beau’s Burnt Rock Vanilla Porter. The beer pours a rich, dark black and has notes of vanilla right off the pour. At first sip you can then really taste the vanilla, which is there to enhance the dark rich flavour of the porter (I assume). Well played Beau’s, well played.

  2. Russ
    December 20, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    Oh wow. I LOVE this beer! The vanilla flavour is reminiscent of an ice cream float, but not in a heavy-handed way. This is a very well-balanced beer, and the vanilla fits perfectly. I would buy this beer by the case if it were possible. Is it? I still have yet to try two of the beers from the Best Of mix pack, but I may need to pick up a couple more, just to get my hands on a more of this beer. I may be starting a campaign to get this beer available on its own…

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